From cardboard cartons, sprout tens of small beans.
Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash

Neon lights above a clothing rack that reads: being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. we’re #2.
Photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash *

Line drawing of a person looking at their phone
Line drawing of a person looking at their phone
Photo Credit: visuals on Unsplash

We’ve all seen the split-screen reposts. But, why has this become such a phenomenon?

Collective grief has been around since the formation of tribes and communities, but it has adapted in recent years to match where we connect most — online.

A friendly guide to turn that paralyzing dread into progress

Protestor with sign that reads: “Act Now or Swim Later”
Image Credit: Chris Boese on Unsplash

I didn’t see a single Sasquatch in the three weeks I spent in the Pacific North West. Instead, I saw some of the most environmentally friendly cityscapes.

A spiral concrete staircase with a thin tree growing in the spiral and through an opening in the roof.
Image Credit: Alexander Abero on Unsplash

Before of foggy glasses and after using Stoggles while wearing a mask
Image Credit: Stoggles

After a brief re-education on accessibility, I came across this Tweet of a socially distanced concert with wide aisles, flexible seating arrangements, and a huge Jumbotron on stage. My mind immediately raced with all the possibilities for an inclusive future.

Tweet:“Man if this is the future of concerts sign me tf up”, img: a shocked man & a socially distanced concert
Image Credit: Twitter user @MARTINEFPIERRE

Close up of skin with acne and scars with text that reads: acne is normal
Photo Credit: Peter DeVito

Alexis Bondy

🌎 🌱 Image credit: Alice Butenko (@alivka)

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